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Tips To Build iOS Apps With Cosmos Private ad

4 months ago Services Asheville 117 views

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While developing a mobile app, there’s a lot that you could go wrong with. You could easily mess up with the size of your app or the way it looks on various screens. But with Cosmos and our help, you can’t possibly go wrong! We have gone into depths about the app engine and why you should give it a try in a previous blog. Do check it out before you read this blog.
Now that we’re on the same page, let’s look at a few important tips to keep in mind while building iOS app with Cosmos:
Separate app Mechanics From app Content
For many people, it gets a bit difficult to even realize the difference between app mechanics and app content. So let me explain the difference first. Consider one of my favorite app as a child, Contract Force. I have spent countless hours playing it with my cousin since it was one of the few app back then which had the feature of playing co-op. If you think about its fourth mission wherein we were supposed to fight the people on the airplane, the design of the level and the story behind the level and the app is what built up the app content, while the displacement due to the force of the wind built up the app mechanics. I hope this cleared things out. You can see it in all the app involving physics in any form(Mario’s jump, Karen's bird, oh I could go on for hours!)
One of the many things you could do to prevent yourself from confusing the two is that you could model the mechanics in code. What this essentially means is that the code of the mechanics should be separate and the code of the levels should be separate. This comes naturally to most coders who have had the habit of using functions very often before getting into app development.
Be Wary of Different Screen Sizes
As a beginner using Android Studio for app development, I always used to build app for my mobile phone so that I could test it better. What I did wrong was that since I made them keeping my mobile’s screen size in mind, I didn’t think about how they looked on other mobile phones. Later when I checked them on my friend’s mobile phone, the app looked weird.
I’m not the only one who has faced this problem, you might have faced this issue as well. So, for beginners and people who miss out on this, here’s a tip: be wary of different screen sizes. Try not to hard code your assumptions and always place objects in a relative manner. In Cosmos, the content size property can be used to tackle this problem. Use it wisely to ensure that your iOS app looks good on all screen sizes.
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